Monday, 26 March 2012

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

Living with a florist is amazingly inspiring. My mother has been a florist for more than ten years, working on wedding and large display arrangements, running workshops and exhibiting as far away as Singapore.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph her flowers for a wedding - and to help her deliver them. The wedding was on the outskirts of Melbourne, in a farming community. First the flowers were ordered from the supplier:

Once the arrangements had all been done, it was time to package them up to deliver:

We then began the long journey to deliver the flowers. First, we went to the wedding venue, exposed on a hill with an amazing view of the surrounding area:

It was blowing a gale, so we held our breath for the flowers!

Then we delivered the table arrangements to the reception:

What a day! The bride was delighted with her flowers, and we hope they had a lovely wedding.

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