Friday, 13 January 2012

Butterfly gardens

I am really stressing out right now. In the next month I'm selling my apartment, moving to Melbourne, starting a new course, looking for part time work, looking for a place to live, plus I'm going to India for two weeks.

So all I can deal with at the moment is simple, pretty things. Like a garden purpose-built for butterflies to live in. What am I talking about? There is a garden in Washington DC, right next to the Museum of Natural History, that has been designed with no other aim in mind but to assemble all the right flowers and conditions to attract butterflies.

How lovely...


  1. Looks amazing Simone, nice blog too! Murray O.

  2. Gorgeous photo! All the stress will be gone soon and then you will be a happy textile student!

  3. Hooray! That's what I'm hoping will happen...